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SourceMod 1.8

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Kot biznesmen


Kot biznesmen

21 Май 2018

Для SourceMod 1.8 вышла Stable-версия (ранее была только Beta-версия). Однако, разработчики обещают по-прежнему обновлять геймдаты для ветки SourceMod 1.7.
Список изменений


  • Updated GetMapDisplayName to to match game on Windows. (Uses backslashes)
  • Fixed some crashes in the new File Transfer hooks.
  • Fixed funcommands attempting to use some non-existant sounds on CS:GO.
  • Fixed crash on failing to load dependent extensions.
  • Fixed long-standing crash with late or incorrect calls to TR_GetEntityIndex.
  • Fixed incorrect extension name being printed when dependent extension is unloaded.
  • Fixed potential crash on plugin load when a required library is not found.
  • Fixed potential crash or other side effects with GameRules_Set* natives.
  • Fixed compile errors with plugins that used old [noparse]NormalS[ound]Hook[/noparse] prototype.
  • Fixed all varint sendprops being treated improperly in CS:GO and gamerules sendprops in Black Mesa.
  • Fixed SourceTV bot detection on Source SDK 2013 mods and Black Mesa.
  • Fixed function symbols for static libraries being exported. (On Linux, this caused conflicts with other modules that use libprotobuf).
  • Fixed potential issues on Linux when running on a filesystem that uses 64-bit inodes (such as XFS).

  • Added FireToClient to Event methodmap, for sending events just to a specific client.
  • Added ability for plugins to block entity outputs from firing.
  • Added GetServerAuthId and GetServerSteamAccountId natives.
  • Added CanBeAutobalanced hook type in SDKHooks for games that use the SDK implementation (TF2, FoF).
  • Added new HasEntProp function to easily check an entity for the existence of a property.

  • Clarifed documentation for GetMaxEntities, GetEntityCount, IsValidEntity, and IsEntNetworkable.
  • GameRules_Set* natives now network changes by default, similar to SetEntProp* natives.
  • Returning Plugin_Changed in event hooks now behaves like Plugin_Continue rather than Plugin_Handled.
  • Added warning print when gamedata is loaded from the "custom" folder to make issues easier to diagnose.
  • Converted all SourceMod includes and more base plugins to use the Sourcepawn Transitional Syntax.
  • FindSendPropOffs and FindDataMapOffs have now been deprecated in favor of FindSendPropInfo and FindDataMapInfo.
  • Removed support for compiling SourceMod against old Source 1 Dota 2 SDK.

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